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Jade post

Date: 12 May 2022

Cyber Asiatic Mystic Synthesis Return Eastern Technomarket Hegemon… Jade McDonalds Sun Poem… Pacific Ocean Disappear… (30 billion Eagles XxX 991hz) Platinum Prison Duplication Facility… Astral Screen-Cheating Marble Moon Wire Theft. Jade Dragon Million Sex Control Dollars Professional Power. Luxury Million Yen Diamond Power (Exit Enclave) POLICE STATE BATH HOUSE™ Holding Corporation. Yin Massage Hot Egg…

The Exocore Workflow

Date: 22 April 2022
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Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup (Korean Style)

Date: 9 February 2022

For one serving:

  • Cornish hen/spatchcock
  • quarter cup (ideally short grain) rice, soaked for 15 minutes in hot water
  • Ginseng root
  • large dried jujube (red date)
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • Spring onions, chopped
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper


  • Wash and salt hen, and rinse rice with cold water
  • Stuff with rice, 1 ginseng root, 1 jujube, 8 cloves of garlic
  • Boil from cold water, then simmer for 1.5 hours
  • Occasionally ladle any settled broth over hens
  • Serve Hens whole in a bowl and pour over broth
  • Sprinkle spring onions and pepper

    Compare with [[Ginseng Chicken Tonic Soup (Chinese Style)]]

Ginseng Chicken Tonic Soup (Chinese Style)

Date: 2 February 2022

10 min preparation, 1-4 hrs cooking


  • Huang Jing (Siberian Solomon’s Seal)
    • Cosmic Qi, Yang power, tonifies all Three Treasures. Makes the body light and clears the eyes.
  • Goji Berry (Fructus Lycii)
    • Vision, liver and kidneys, neuroprotective
  • Dang Shen (Codonopsis pilosula)
    • Enhance Qi and improve digestion, nourish blood, tonify lungs, boost vitality.
  • Chinese Yam
  • Ginseng Root
    • Manifold benefits
  • (Huang Qi) Astragalia

These can usually be found in a Chinese grocer as a single mix, but buying each separate and in bulk avoids packing markup— you can store a giant glass jar of this for years, cheaply, and only have to buy fresh chicken.

Any kind of chicken is fine, but chicken with bones, like a Maryland or a whole spatchcock (small chicken) works best.


  • Rinse, dry and salt chicken. Let sit for 30 minutes.
  • Place herbs, water and chicken in a pot and bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer.
  • Occasionally check in to remove solids from surface of soup or add water if needed.
  • Cook for 1-4 hrs — 50% reduction is ideal.
  • Remove chicken and chop to serving size. Season soup with salt and serve in a bowl.

Compare with [[Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup (Korean Style)]]

Notes on Remilia’s New Internet

Date: 26 January 2022

the vision

um um u um uh hhhhhh

the visionis the new internet

the visiton is . remco

the new internet is realtim e( meguca) (s0machat )

the new art is remilia ( milady ) *( bonkler)

this is what. I beleive in . when I said Ibelieve in the vision

spider im so drunk incoehrent righr t now you will have to forgive m e for mty terseness

the new internet is digial dovertnty . exocore. realtime chat. OpenBSD

tiling window manager .terminal .

the new internet is network spirituality

“It is Okay CCCCAA I just Saw this as an Opportunity to get your drunk answer, I’ll ask again when you’re sober.”

the new internet


I understand

it all made sense to me

right now . is like a drea m for me. im rdreaming

the new internet is a reevaluation of our social interaction with each other . and a reformation of our dynamic with each other as USERS

the new internet is whit e hearted ( light hearted)

you have to think about this ,.

the real time chat BSD exocore digital sogivern homestead terminal tiling window manger are the aestehtic surface level

the deeper level is the metaphyiscs of the internet and how we interpret the virtual world

the rleationship betwene user interfaces with our mental spatiotemporal matrix of virtual reality

the relationship of social interfaces with our sociocultural development

digital culture is in turmoil as ou r third spaces are full y owned by pltaforfmrsd . w e are fully plugged in to .

eletronic womb . fetus . umbilical cord (100GB ETHERNET ) Into the SPINE

next stage o f humanutiy . traditionalism ( VAT) (susptended . sensory deperevation) / ( retrun)

3 monitors

112wsx . socio temporal nexus

cxomputer hell

the user interface will stop existing once the machine learning models fully understand us

the syncreticism between the old and the young. the tools to make computers approachable for the old are the fundemental primitive that the young understand comptuers throguh . its ahoreseshi ( horse shoe)

xcomputers must be increasingly MORE addictive . fqast . emotional . no response time given . immediate off th

e cuf f answers . full information throughput betwene interlocutors

charles has not adjusted his body to the netwrok . he is still getting “carsick “ becauyse his body has no t adapted to its new organs

having a new monitor added is like getting a new limb stitched onto your bodyt . conversely. I was mutilated when my diamondtron 2060u broke

stock traders with 30 monitors a re like the hindu dieties