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Date: 6 October 2022

Ate Two Tomato Mozzarella sandwiches and a lot of coffee.


Date: 3 October 2022


Going to bed.

Today I Ate/Drank: Pot of Coffee w/ Sugar

Steak, w/ Butter, Salt

Apple Tea

11:50 am

Good Morning, I had to eat a pint of Ice Cream because this airbnb doesn’t have a freezer.


Date: 2 October 2022


Learning to use Exocore is doing something to me, working as an artist especially on dealing in lighter tone, its interesting to try put words in place for why i love these things so much. Its harder to praise and hope in words to yourself.

I think I would like to daily or at least frequently write short notes about images from auctioncore or that have been included in works that have become important to me. Here’s the first.

This asset is one I made from the below image of an Armored Core game. A recurring thing that would happen with these assets is that the backgrounds would become more important to be than the subjects. Auctioncore photos have two authors, the Company behind the consumer object being sold and the Person behind the Camera controlling everything else. This image I impressed with the texture of the scratches on the background, suggesting a hobby or other passion, so i worked to redraw the image with the scratches over the whole white body, leaving an emboss to remember the CD and also moving its position to more closer reference Malevich’s White on White a funny high/low similarity I noticed when helping 01 put a emojis on its secret server, and then showed.


thinking about this today It really is completely alien, to my critics too, that i could just actually like making these things. that there’s no hidden wolf whistle, that SS Tier is because I love pachinko-core card pull gambling and its the nearest thing with a white heart to nft lucky dip mints. That Milady isnt some wicked cynical re-purposeing of anime aesthetics but an attempt at refuge.


This is really funny, i thought this was a about Film01 for a moment, that it was about the 80 hour’s compression into 1 hour.


I screened my Saikano Recut finally. I think it was well received, im really grateful to be able to sit down and work on something for an evening and then have an audience that wants to watch it. I dont know if ill ever get over that. Im excited for more evenings of work and more showings to the world.


Date: 1 October 2022

Today I went to the zoo and I saw:

bearded Dragon, Giant Panda, Red Panda, Leopard, Polar Bear, Penguin, Siberian Tiger, Lion, German People, Japanese People, Rhino, Gibbon, Bison, Horse, Chicken, Cow, Zebra, Antelope, Tahr, Raven,Coati, Rabbit, Gazelle, Flamingo, Pelican, Capybara, oh and a Pig Arctic Wolf, Elephant Owl Duck

I had to eat: Coca cola Pretzel