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Graphwiz Testing

Date: 6 October 2022
graphviz-547250de512037eec3a43e5f242f013f digraph G{ imgnode [shapefile="staff3.jpg", label="Staff 3"]; subgraph cluster_Rejewski {label="M. Rejewski"; labelloc="b"; Rejewski_icon}; Rejewski_icon [label="", shapefile="staff3.jpg"]; Label2[ label="Label2" imagepos="tc" labelloc="b" image="staff3.jpg" ]; imgnode -> Gallery Rejewski_icon -> Turing_icon; Gallery -> Label2; name1-> Label3; } G cluster_Rejewski M. Rejewski imgnode Staff 3 Gallery Gallery imgnode->Gallery Rejewski_icon Turing_icon Turing_icon Rejewski_icon->Turing_icon Label2 Label2 Gallery->Label2 name1 name1 Label3 Label3 name1->Label3

Praise Folder

Date: 2 October 2022

i do this thing where i can buy something or get something and just tuck it away, ready to be enjoyed, in a corner of my mind and life.

i knew i would love wong kar-wai for like 3 years before i did.

ill buy a coke and put it in the fridge and totally out of mind, and be totally blessed and surprised when i find it.

past me becomes a lovely benevolent force in my life, he’s kept some of the very best things from me and is constantly giving them back as gifts.

i think i lost all of them, i never actually looked at them anyway, i just liked knowing it was there

the praise folder is a great example of this, it was real and on my desktop but it was more this mind-folder in a mind-PC.

its been a great way to have some of the truly beautiful things said to me by truly beautiful people constantly bubbling to the surface, i feel like have prayers are being made for me.

thanks to all of you guys :D

imported from Substack, orginally published Jun 24, 2021

Phantom Bonkler

Date: 2 October 2022

Bonkler with the New Phantom Armor asset, Head of Flame, Skeleton Face, Phone Charm Flail, It’ll All Be Over Background, Cased Figure Body and One Day At A Time Coin Shield.

Its been a Year since Bonkler and Bonkler Will Run One a Day for a Year after this. Bonkler was put together as a practice in finding meaning a form in a shape made of other things, a form clothed entirely in curation and citation. The popular tech of Image Generation used in NFTs at the time is a natural fit for this, it naturally allows you to “roll the dice” on the a series of assets and find not just new combinations but a wealth of similar images. “Bonkler” as a concept then becomes the midpoint of 365 bonklers, a bonkler simply being an example of a archetype, this is true for many works made with Generational software

01 said it pretty well, “Reading one text, know the basic space of all texts. Reading one poem, know the basic space of all poems. Seeing one film, know the luminous clear light dynamic seeing of all films.”

For example, via generation and edits and derivatives, the archetype of a Milady is strengthened.

The thing is, this True Bonkler or this archetype doesn’t exist especially pre-release, nevertheless its still become a aesthetic profile thats recognizable to people both internal to Remilia and externally to dedicated fans. A Phantom Limb that is almost entirely functional. It’s a Phantom occupying space in my personal aesthetic structures. Still even in this form, the idea of something Being like a Bonkler, or like a Bonkler asset has been helpful to me as a way to see new things and to more freely appropriate them in turn.
Bonkler is The Hero of Auction Core . I made a project with this lens that essentially ended up being the “Bonkler of found photography”, and its made me wonder if the framework could be extended, if I could make the Bonkler of Clothing labels, the Bonkler of film and so on and so forth.

Kaomoji Weaponry

Date: 2 October 2022

Rifle ︻デ═一 sniper rifle ︻┻┳══━一 shotgun ︻┳═一 minigun ✴️==≡눈 gun ¬ laser ・・・——–☆ chain ○∞∞∞∞ bow D・・・・・—— → bomb (((((((((●~* syringe ―⊂|=0 pepper spray 占~~~~~ jo-jo ~~~~~~~~~~◎ boomerang (( く ((へ spear ―――→ grabber ――――C sword _/ or ¤=[]:::::> boxing gloves QQ.


Date: 2 October 2022

Saikano, or The Last Love Song on this little Planet

a meme that I made with the intention of sending to space. Its text references Saikano (aka The Last Love Song on This Little Planet), a show whose main character Chise I reference heavily. The elements of the meme (a landscape, urbit’s “Angel wings’ ‘ and a snow Scene from Frame Gride, a box blurred image of Yukari.) reference the angelic extinction duty of Chise and the cold setting of the show. The meme has also been bent into shape to provide a backdrop and a surface like the auction sellers often do

Chise is an amazing character i think about a lot. Her role in the show (Saikano isnt even good outside of Chise) is that she is in Love and also that she is a weapon of mass destruction that she must use to defend her nation from attack. She’s a great example of this tragic hopefulness i love in characters, She has to keep Fighting to save what she loves. I feel like her sometimes

Another honest depiction of Otaku’s workspace. I imagine this is a cheap laminate desk with its contents pushed to the side to get one last photo of the precious Chise figure before it is sold. The Chise figure that was central to the image is also one of the few items I can verify the current whereabouts of, as I brought it and its sitting just below my monitor.

Chise Chain, One of the best depictions of Chise ive found in auctions. Chise I love for her standout design amongst a generic cast, as well as her Angelic and Exitinctionist role in the series, a Girl who ascended into a Weapon.

Saikano was also very special to me because me and Mara Barl just both parallel decided to watch it at the same time. without communicaiton, a little timeline sync back in the day of explosive posting

There was also a Brief period where I made an alt and named it Chise. i posted to see if i could make the same friends again, got added to the chat as the alt, played the role for a while. I then revealed the trick and absorbed the friendships even stronger

And finally the Saikano Recut I made out of: Wim Mertens - close cover Wim Mertens - birds for the mind Wim Mertens - struggle for pleasure Saikano Ep 1,2,3,6,10,11,12,13

and referenced in this 2022 10 02

Auction Core Thread

Date: 2 October 2022

Auction Core as an Ethos and an Aesthetic bleeds through a lot of work, especially all of mine at Remilia Collective. Auction Core can be described as a modern practice heavily related to the Found Photography tradition of elevating “non-art” or “anonymous” photography to the level of Art. Auction Core finds its Artistic raw materials in the documentation of someone’s collection, often at the time of sale.

Sites and Collections of note to my specific usage of Auction Core are: Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Mandarake and Rakuten for Manga, Figures, Sportswear and in Nagano or Hokkaido and Zillow in Arizona for Land and Homes.

The Moment of Sale reflects a specific point in someone’s relation to the collection, a point whereby their relation to the object is as mature as it will ever be, the apex of their familiarity. These conditions produce photographic results that range from the quick-capture of an object by an outsider, for whom the product is a fleeting moment or a final loving documentation of a cherished item by a personal collector. Both are very beautiful to me, and can be understood as two enjoyments of the same flower driven past at speed or grown from a seed.

Auction Core also defines a curational sensibility when zoomed out; looking at the rough scattershot selection of auctions when searching and browsing via machine translation, you often get a selection that consists of a few seemingly unrelated elements. 

This curational spirit was what was explored in Bonkler. The one shown here as example features, A Beauty:Beast runway Soundtrack, Fod Korp Kaomoji Face. Runescape Bronze Armor, WoW Staff of Jordan, Harajuku Stickered Flip Phone, Twitter Emoji Swirling Star and El Nast Maplestory background. These objects were pulled together from various peoples personal “collections” and in a way that is both shocking and coherent, Bonkler is used here as the conceptual element of Auction Core itself. Auction Core has been very useful to me in this way. I can include images in my work that I have carried with me forever, or that I only just found today, and both are canonized and beautified equally.


first article test

Date: 1 October 2022



The Exocore Workflow

Date: 22 April 2022
graphviz-0443c5be7425c577dbab9ab936b4df29 digraph G { bgcolor="black" node [shape=rectangle, style=filled fillcolor=black, color=orange, fontcolor=orange, labelfontcolor=orange]; edge [color=orange, fontcolor=orange, labelfontcolor=orange]; subgraph cluster_0 { style=filled; color= white; a0 -> a1 -> a2 -> a3; label = "process #1"; } subgraph cluster_1 { node [style=filled]; b0 -> b1 -> b2 -> b3; label = "process #2"; color=blue } start -> a0; start -> b0; a1 -> b3; b2 -> a3; a3 -> a0; a3 -> end; b3 -> end; Images -> Attachments PDFs -> Library Attachments, Library -> "Library Page" [label=automatic]; Images -> Posts [label="via ImagePaste"] "Daily Notes" -> "Journal Entries", Articles [label=embed]; Wiki -> "Daily Notes", "Journal Entries", Articles [label=embed]; "Daily Notes" "Journal Entries" Articles Wiki Attachments [shape=folder] Library [shape=folder] start [shape=doublecircle]; end [shape=Msquare]; } G cluster_0 process #1 cluster_1 process #2 a0 a0 a1 a1 a0->a1 a2 a2 a1->a2 b3 b3 a1->b3 a3 a3 a2->a3 a3->a0 end end a3->end b0 b0 b1 b1 b0->b1 b2 b2 b1->b2 b2->a3 b2->b3 b3->end start start start->a0 start->b0 Images Images Attachments Attachments Images->Attachments Posts Posts Images->Posts via ImagePaste Library Page Library Page Attachments->Library Page automatic PDFs PDFs Library Library PDFs->Library Library->Library Page automatic Daily Notes Daily Notes Journal Entries Journal Entries Daily Notes->Journal Entries embed Articles Articles Daily Notes->Articles embed Wiki Wiki Wiki->Daily Notes embed Wiki->Journal Entries embed Wiki->Articles embed