Bonkler with the New Phantom Armor asset, Head of Flame, Skeleton Face, Phone Charm Flail, It’ll All Be Over Background, Cased Figure Body and One Day At A Time Coin Shield.

Its been a Year since Bonkler and Bonkler Will Run One a Day for a Year after this. Bonkler was put together as a practice in finding meaning a form in a shape made of other things, a form clothed entirely in curation and citation. The popular tech of Image Generation used in NFTs at the time is a natural fit for this, it naturally allows you to “roll the dice” on the a series of assets and find not just new combinations but a wealth of similar images. “Bonkler” as a concept then becomes the midpoint of 365 bonklers, a bonkler simply being an example of a archetype, this is true for many works made with Generational software

01 said it pretty well, “Reading one text, know the basic space of all texts. Reading one poem, know the basic space of all poems. Seeing one film, know the luminous clear light dynamic seeing of all films.”

For example, via generation and edits and derivatives, the archetype of a Milady is strengthened.

The thing is, this True Bonkler or this archetype doesn’t exist especially pre-release, nevertheless its still become a aesthetic profile thats recognizable to people both internal to Remilia and externally to dedicated fans. A Phantom Limb that is almost entirely functional. It’s a Phantom occupying space in my personal aesthetic structures. Still even in this form, the idea of something Being like a Bonkler, or like a Bonkler asset has been helpful to me as a way to see new things and to more freely appropriate them in turn.
Bonkler is The Hero of Auction Core . I made a project with this lens that essentially ended up being the “Bonkler of found photography”, and its made me wonder if the framework could be extended, if I could make the Bonkler of Clothing labels, the Bonkler of film and so on and so forth.